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Buy foreign currency online from a Bureau De Change for your holiday or a large purchase in a foreign country. Buying currency online is better value and cheaper compared with buying at a High Street Bank or Bureau De Change. We provide exchange rates (updated every minute), currency converter and international money transfers.

Currency in EuropeUSD toEUR toGBP toCHF toJPY toCAD toAUD to
GBP British Pound0.77120.86551.00000.79860.00760.58650.5886
EUR Euro0.89101.00001.15540.92270.00880.67770.6801
CHF Swiss Franc0.96571.08381.25221.00000.00960.73450.7371
CZK Czech Koruna24.081927.027531.227324.93730.238218.315518.3818
DKK Danish Krone6.64187.45428.61266.87780.06575.05145.0697
HUF Hungarian Forint274.9100308.5363356.4796284.67502.7193209.0825209.8396
NOK Norwegian Krone8.04209.025710.42818.32760.07956.11636.1385
PLN Polish Zloty3.83444.30344.97213.97060.03792.91632.9268
Currency in AmericaUSD toEUR toGBP toCHF toJPY toCAD toAUD to
USD US Dollar1.00001.12231.29671.03550.00990.76050.7633
CAD Canadian Dollar1.31481.47571.70501.36150.01301.00001.0036
ARS Argentine Peso15.350317.227919.904915.89550.151811.674611.7169
BRL Brazilian Real3.25933.65804.22643.37510.03222.47892.4878
MXN Mexican Peso19.534121.923525.330120.22800.193214.856614.9104
COP Colombian Peso2,890.10013,243.60983,747.63302,992.758828.58802,198.06222,206.0220
BBD Barbadian Dollar2.00002.24462.59342.07100.01981.52111.5266
CLP Chilean Peso659.3900740.0449855.0402682.81216.5225501.4983503.3144

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